The Blean Curriculum has been designed over time by all staff, children, parents and Governors. Our curriculum is represented by a tree because we believe that we all continue to grow when we are learning together to enjoy and achieve.

The roots represent our school values, key learning approaches and the characteristics of effective learning which provide an anchor for the rest of our curriculum.

The trunk of the tree demonstrates our different approaches to the curriculum. Our children tell us that they like to learn in different ways and this gives our curriculum its shape and supports our intended outcomes.

The intended outcomes of our curriculum are represented as the leaves or the fruit. This is what the Blean community strives for and expects for all its pupils, so they grow as confident, well-rounded pupils and use this grounding well in later life. If you would like to see our curriculum in action, please do come and visit us – we love sharing our learning experiences. To find out more about our curriculum, please contact the school office;

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