Hugh Samuelson – Chair of Governors – Local Authority Governor

I am pleased to take on the role of Chair after being having been a Governor for 14 years. By day, I am a manager for a Building Society: by night – dad to two children! Whilst my children were at Blean, I got to know the school and staff very well, fully appreciating what a great job they do but understanding the challenges that we face. Being a member of the Governing Body is a role that I enjoy a great deal: the most important part is working with the School and Governors to ensure continuous improvement for everyone. It is our responsibility to help and support the school by working towards implementing the School Improvement Plan. I am also a local Parish Councillor on Blean Parish Council – this enables me to ensure that the school is well represented in the local community. 

If you wish to contact me as Chair of a Governors, please use the email: 

Alexandra Harvey – Co-opted Governor

I am currently serving as a Co-opted Governor at Blean Primary School. This is my second term on the Governing Body, previously holding the role of Parent Governor while my children were pupils at the school.

I work at Canterbury Christ Church University in the Faculty of Science Engineering and Social Sciences, where I fulfil both a Technical and Project management role. Whenever possible I participate in engagement initiatives to promote increased participation of school-age children in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects. 

I have previous experience on Blean’s Learning and Development committee where the curriculum is scrutinised, and pupils‘ academic progression and achievement are monitored. I currently sit on the Resources Committee which is responsible for ensuring accountability for the school’s expenditure against budget and infrastructure maintenance. 

I strive to ensure the school continues to uphold excellent standards, allowing all pupils to flourish according to their talents and abilities, within an inclusive and caring community. 

Jeanette Read – Governor

I have worked in finance since leaving school, and joined KCC’s school’s financial services in 2001. My worked included everyday financial support, monthly monitoring, budget setting and attending Governor meetings.  I left KCC to become a SBM in a large primary school, and in 2016 became the CFO of a multi academy trust, where I remained until my retirement in 2022

Andrew Martin – Parent Governor

I am delighted to join the Governing Body at Blean Primary School as a parent governor. With two children currently at the school and another having recently moved on to secondary education I have come to know the school well and have been fortunate to be involved in a number areas in a voluntary capacity over the past few years. I have worked in Education for 20 years more recently as a Senior Leader before moving in to an Advisory role.  I am now a Director of a National charity (KICK), who seek to reach under privileged children through education, mentoring and chaplaincy and are currently working with +20,000 school children a week. I look forward to building on all the outstanding work that has already taken place at Blean and am committed to supporting the school in both a strategic and practical way.

Wayne Wilson – Parent Governor

After leaving Charlton Athletic Football Club as a professional footballer in 2007, I started working within Education and Sport. I am enthusiastic and passionate around working with educational settings to create and deliver a fun & engaging PE curriculum designed to increase participation and develop skills. With sports clubs and educational establishments providing most of the opportunities for children aged 16 and under to further develop PE skills, I feel it right and just to offer my expertise to provide further knowledge and guidance where I can.  

My goal is to encourage the future generations of young people to achieve their full potential within Physical Education. I have previous experience as a Governor at another Kent school which I thoroughly enjoyed and provided an opportunity to give back to the local community. I supported the school to encourage their staff to gain knowledge in further learning opportunities to support both individual and collective development.  

Through my work I have worked with around 250 schools across London and Kent providing PE and School Sport Apprentices. I supported the schools with the development and delivery of a new, innovative, and engaging PE curriculum. This led to increased engagement both within core PE skills and after school PE activities. I am keen to ‘give back’ to the local community, and where better to start by supporting the local school where my daughter attends. 

Lindsey Cane – Parent Governor

I am delighted to serve as a Parent Governor at Blean Primary School. 

I have been a Blean parent since 2014. As a parent I have seen first hand how hard Blean works to nurture and inspire our children, in challenging circumstances. In my role as Parent Governor I look forward to working more closely with the School to help them to improve and provide the best education experience we can for our children and families.

I am a developmental psychologist and have been a lecturer in Psychology at the University of Kent since 2008. My expertise is in children’s social and emotional development, including building friendships, empathy, and learning about equality and fairness. I have also held leadership roles in the University, as Director of Education, leading Equality and Diversity initiatives, and chairing committees.

Alex Lister – Parent Governor

Joining the team as a school governor is an honour, driven by my personal and professional connection to Blean School. Both my son and daughter are fortunate to learn here, and witnessing their journey inspires me to contribute to the school’s continued success.

As a former student myself, walking these corridors in the 80s, I have a special understanding of the school’s legacy and evolving landscape. This perspective, combined with my experience running a local sustainable printing company, motivates me to support responsible resource management and environmental initiatives within the school.

However, my most heartfelt interest lies in fostering a truly inclusive learning environment for all students. I firmly believe that every child, regardless of any additional learning needs, deserves the tools and support to excel.

I am committed to collaborating with fellow governors, the headteacher, and the entire school community to ensure Blean remains a nurturing and stimulating place for all students to flourish. My parental perspective, business background, and dedication to SEN inclusion will, I hope, contribute meaningfully to this shared goal.

Dawn Irons – Staff Governor

I joined the Blean Staff Team in 2000 and have taught in all years in Key Stage 2. With an extensive knowledge of the school and the ways that it has changed over the last two decades, I am pleased to be able to help to support the whole school as a Governor as it continues to grow and develop. You will often find me out on the field or in the hall running a sport club as I am passionate about enabling every pupil to enjoy physical activity and find the sport that is right for them.